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The Digital Decathlon is a unique training that offers participating students an easy introduction to digital planning and prepares them to work together in international teams - an intensive learning experience. The competition connects higher education institutions in Europe and promotes European identity, it is interdisciplinary and intercultural and opens up new horizons of knowledge, contacts and perspectives.


First competition

Our first competition will kick off on 10 October 2023 with a joint meeting bringing together all the participants and our project partners in Wuppertal. This will mark the beginning of an exciting journey that will culminate in a grand finale in the city of Florence in February 2024. Over the course of several months, the participating groups will embark on a transformative journey. They will channel their creative energies into developing their designs across a spectrum of 10 different disciplines, each presenting a unique set of challenges and opportunities. It's a test of innovation, adaptability and ingenuity as they navigate through this diverse range of disciplines. In our digital age, communication knows no boundaries. With this in mind, the participating groups will engage in weekly online exchanges with our project partners. This exchange is not just a formality, but a crucial aspect of the competition. It's a platform for sharing insights, troubleshooting, and refining their designs based on valuable feedback and collaborative insights.



The content is divided into 10 different disciplines as follows

ARCHITECTURE (D 01): Covers the principles and practices of architectural design.
CONSTRUCTION (D 02): Focuses on timber construction, project planning and execution.
MEP (MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING) (D 03): Examines mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in buildings.
MODEL CHECKING (D 04): Teaches the process of meticulous model checking to ensure design compliance.
BIM DESIGN COORDINATION and COMMUNICATION (D 05): Covers Building Information Modelling(BIM) for design coordination and effective team communication.
CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULING (D 06): Covers construction scheduling, project time management and resource allocation.
Examines environmental impact assessment and sustainability practices in construction.
SIMULATION (D 08): Explores simulation tools for optimizing design and construction processes.
CONSTRUCTION PRODUCT TRACEABILITY (D 09): Focuses on product traceability to ensure the quality and integrity of building materials.
REPORTING (D 10): Develop effective reporting skills to communicate project progress and results to stakeholders.

These ten disciplines provide project participants with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the world of Building Information Modelling (BIM). By delving into these different areas, participants will gain a holistic perspective on the multifaceted aspects of BIM and its central role in the architecture and construction industry.



Thiscooperation will take place in five internationally mixed groups to traincollaboration, to connect people, and to promote exchange, communication, andunderstanding among each other. Group workis at the heart of the Digital DECATHLON project, which aims to teach studentsfrom different European countries practical digital design skills usingBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) tools and methods. This collaborative approachnotol mproves understanding of digital transformation, but also strengthensinterpersonal skills and intercultural cooperation among students.


Group work begins in the early stages of the project, when students from different European countries meet in a common location to launch the design competition. Here they get to know each other, exchange ideas and form multidisciplinary teams with students from architecture, civil engineering, building services and related disciplines. This encourages the sharing of knowledge and different perspectives. However, the real collaboration takes place when the students return to their home cities. They use a specially designed virtual working platform, tailored to the competition, to collaborate. This platform encourages active student participation and guides them through the different phases of the competition. Teachers and trainers provide support throughout the project. The virtual platform also provides access to customized learning modules, allowing self-directed learning to further develop their digital design tool and BIM skills. During the semester-long competition, student teams work on their projects in ten different disciplines, from architecture to reporting. This not only allows them to apply their acquired knowledge, but also hones their ability to work in international teams. The competition culminates in a second meeting, where all participants gather at a different location to present their results, followed by an awards ceremony. Group work in the Digital DECATHLON project isn't just about learning digital design skills; it's also a platform for students to build international networks, develop intercultural skills and promote European cooperation. It opens up new horizons of knowledge and cooperation that are crucial for the future of digital transformation in the construction industry.



The results of the five groups will be announced after the final event in Florence. For real-time updates on each group's progress throughout the competition, we invite you to follow our Instagram account. To keep you informed and engaged, we will be posting weekly updates on the platform, with each group sharing insights into their journey and performance. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for further developments in the digital Decathlon and the final results after the competition finals in Florence.

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